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Web3 Gaming SDK

SDK for Web3 and Web2 games to integrate DEX and other crypto based in-game services



Web3 your Game with a DEX. Easy

Metaverse Trading Showroom + SDK

See how to embed 3D in-game Unity SDK

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Read and Integrate with MetaGameSwap Documentation. For questions and access contact us at

Image by Sean Do

View a Demo Integration of MetaGameSwap SDK in Unity. Tap on the logo button on the top right

Playing a Shooting Game
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View a Demo Integration of MetaGameSwap SDK in 2D. Connect your wallet for liquidity from over 100 DEXes in a single place

Token Details

Token Details

MetaGame Swap Utility Token

Discounts on Transaction fees

Holders of MEGS tokens get discount on transactions fees based on the amounts held in their wallets

Connector for Routing

It is used as a connector to achieve high-efficiency routing across multiple chains and also can be used for fees. The automated multichain liquidity protocol that facilitates trades without the need for a centralized counterparty seamlessly across multiple chains.

VIP access for exclusive Airdrops, Launchpad, and other community events

Preferred VIP access to Initial Sale of in-game assets, NFTs, Collectables can be conducted in MEGS Cryptos. Allocation preference is given to MEGS Cryptos holders based on their holdings.


MEGS Cryptos Token will be issued in Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon and other chains with no increase in supply and automated swaps across chains via bridges.


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WEB 2     Web 3 Games with MEGSSDK

Unique Opportunity for Web 2 to Web 3 Gaming

InGameDEX SDK (in Unity & Unreal)


Easily embed games’ latest release to convert them into Web3.0 Games.


We enable players to trade assets earned in the games without changing any of the gameplay.


Our revenue sharing model opens up a new revenue stream for developers.

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Our Roadmap

Q1 2024

Platform versions 2.0 enhancements

Public Sale

Smart contract audit - token

Liquidity and Token Launch

Q4 2023

Private Sale


Q3 2023

Platform MVP

Unity SDK

Q1 & 2 2023

Concept development

UI development

Litepaper Completed 

Info Website launch

Project development

Meet Our Team

Bruce Kurtz

Marketing; KuCoin Exchange marketing team agency partner for +3 years

  • LinkedIn
Manindra Majumdar.png
Nick Majumdar

Tech, Project leader and Board Member of Tokenizer and BlockX. 

  • LinkedIn
Shubham Saxena

CTO, with vast experience leading blockchain development teams.

  • LinkedIn
Pranav Kay

Experienced full stack developer, well rounded in Designing System & Networking architecture.

  • LinkedIn
Rusheel Sandri

Skilled Metaverse Developer and Software Engineer with extensive experience in Mobile Application Design/Development

  • LinkedIn



Digital executive in gaming and Web3 partnerships.

  • LinkedIn
Davide Oneglio / okx

Business Development and Partnerships at OKX Global Exchange.                    

  • LinkedIn

MetaGame Swap F.A.Qs

  • What is Metagame Swap in a “nutshell?”
    A plug-in wallet and trading feature for Metaverse games, Web 3.0 games and Web2.0 games who wants to add a wallet and digital asset trading feature in 10 lines of code. Metagame Swap is a Web3.0 infrastructure as a service (IAAS) platform for game and Metaverse developers to add digital asset trading in a secured, easy and decentralized way. It allows game developers to easily add in a DEX trading wallet function for their gaming audience, including their own token and NFTs.
  • How is Metagame Swap different from competitors?
    We have the following 4 key points which differentiate us: 1) Unity SDK for 3D games and Metaverse with full front end backend 2) no code solution 3) automated market maker of the tokens 4) integration with liquidity pools for in game tokens
  • When will Metagame Swap launch?
    See our roadmap for the most updated information
  • How do I follow the latest on Metagame Swap?
    Join our socials, links are at the bottom of our webpage
  • What is the Token Ticker for Metagame Swap?
  • What Chain is MEGS?
    We are on Polygon
  • I want to partner with you, how do I get in touch?
    Email us with your proposal

Technology Partners

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